September has been a phenomenal month! God has been opening doors in Georgia, Indiana, and even Nebraska. The opportunity to share at Sherwood Church in Albany, GA really stands out. You might remember this as the church responsible for Facing the Giants and other powerful movies with a Christian message. To be honest, I was a bit blown away to share in a church with such a powerful reputation for sharing the Gospel.

This was an opportunity to bring Inflatable Stories to the kids at their annual Refresh conference. From Sunday through Wednesday, they had events running for adults and children. My role began Sunday evening with back-to-back programs for different age groups in the children’s ministry. We did this every night until Wednesday. The theme for the week was that God gives us hope, and we carried that thread through the entire event.

Sunday, we talked about the tremendous faith of David as he faced Goliath and the hope that he had in the face of that incredible challenge. Monday, we walked through some of Jesus last days as he washed his disciples feet, and went on to die for our sins. But God gives us hope in this as well! Hope not only for clean feet, but a clean heart as Jesus death and resurrection gives us hope for our sins. Tuesday, we experienced the story of the Good Samaritan, and the hope we find as we learn to love God and love others well. Finally, we talked about getting outside our bubbles on Wednesday and giving the world hope through the Good News of Jesus.

Besides our busy evenings, we had the opportunity to bring Inflatable Stories into three schools. With an adapted message of encouragement, we were able to motivate these students in whatever challenges they face, and we were able to invite them to join us back at the church each evening. Back at the church, we could also add another level to the messages from school, helping them understand how Christ works in the face of our challenges.

I’m looking forward to following this with a wonderful mix of fall events next month. Inflatable Stories are such a natural connection point amid the costumes and candy people often expect.

Special thanks to Sherwood Church, Albany, GA for the use of the amazing photos in this update!