Dr. Dan Bellamy is a speaker, artist, author, and master storyteller.

After many years in local church ministry, Dan Bellamy is now touring the US captivating young audiences through his unique ability to tell stories of hope that point children to Jesus using amazing balloon sculptures. Dan is the best inflatable story teller you will experience.

Dan knew at a young age that God had called him into ministry. He didn’t know God would take his favorite hobby and turn it into a powerful platform for reaching kids with God’s love through the ministry of Inflatable Stories.

With an earned Doctor of Ministry, Dan has served as a college minister, camp staffer, and full-time youth pastor. However, in recent years he sensed God asking him to change direction. Finally, God gave Dan a very clear confirmation through an unlikely event: a balloon sculpture convention.

“I had been praying for God’s guidance in my life, and then I attended this conference, just for fun really, and I suddenly had an epiphany. My long-time work with balloons could be the open ministry door I was searching for.” And Inflatable Stories was born.

Dan’s passion for Christ began as a child, and his fondness for balloon sculpture followed closely behind when he was introduced to the art while preparing for a missions trip his senior year of high school.

“I remember sitting on my grandmother’s couch learning new sculptures, armed with my 260 Blaster pump, a bag of balloons, and a twisting book,” he recalls. “Back then, I never could have imagined God would use this hobby to impact so many people for Jesus. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Now, through Inflatable Stories, his love for children’s ministry and passion for balloons converge, allowing him to share the gospel in unique and powerful ways. In his hands, balloons transform into life-size works of art reflecting the truth of Scripture in a way that captivates kids’ hearts and minds.

Dan travels across the U.S. and the world, bringing Inflatable Stories to kids at churches, camps, and other ministry events. Through his travels, Dan has come to understand the unique ministry role he plays.

“I enjoy the excitement of special events that connect people, but I recognize that they are only a piece of the ongoing ministry that happens in a church. Events serve as catalyst. Balloon sculpture is a beautiful vehicle for that catalyst because it has a way of breaking down barriers and creating special moments that build relationships.”

Dan is an experienced story teller, a master at capturing and maintaining the attention of children, as well as adults. As he sees it, “The most important message in the world—the good news of Jesus Christ—won’t impact anyone if no one is paying attention. That’s why I use these ‘blown-up stories’ to share life’s biggest truths. I’m glad kids have as much fun seeing my work as I do creating it, but it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t impact their lives. I carry balloon sculptures to churches because I see God using my gift to bring the Bible to life for them. It’s that simple.”

In addition to his ministry through Inflatable Stories, Dan recently completed his first children’s book, The Inflated Story of Noah, which features large-scale balloon creations photographed on location in places like Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, and Israel—a project 10 years in the making.

Today, when he’s not busy bringing his unique sculptures to churches, you might see Dan on a mountain, by a river, or in a forest photographing a giant balloon person for his next book.

“I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to combine my love for balloon sculpture with my desire to share the gospel. As long as kids love balloons, I’ll keep using them.”

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