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Dan has a unique ability to share the gospel in a fun and creative way through his balloon ministry. He is gifted, personable, humorous, and gospel-centered. Our church was greatly blessed by having him. Matt Peek

Senior Pastor

We asked Dan to provide the entertainment at our Season End Upward Soccer Celebration and he did a wonderful job. Children were excited with the performance and he did an outstanding job sharing the gospel. I would recommend him for any of your upcoming events. Tom McAllister

Executive Pastor

Kids and adults still talk about how much they enjoyed hearing the Bible stories through balloons!  Everything Dan did from making the kids a part of the story to playing along with camp traditions kept everyone engaged.

Leron Bush

Youth Pastor

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the elephant

This may shock you, but Elephants are BIG.  That just makes them more fun to sculpt!  Naturally, if I wanted to make a giant animal I needed a giant balloon.  The inspiration for my Elephant came from giant balloons I climb inside during programs.  They can inflate up...

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rainbow part 3: the full bow

Regardless of the smaller rainbows, I felt like a special shot was needed for the last page of the book. It needed a full, arching, rainbow!  With that in mind, I grabbed several guys from our church college group and headed toward Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga. ...

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rainbow part 2: armageddon

One of my favorite rainbow shots has little to do with the rainbow itself. While traveling through Israel, our tour group had the opportunity to stand high on Mt. Carmel, overlooking the valley of Megiddo. You may not recognize that name right off, but this valley is...

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