Wow!  Summer came to a HUGE climax for Inflatable Stories, and I’m excited to be heading into International Balloon Month.  That’s right, balloons have their own month!  I’m honored to count myself among the few Certified Balloon Artists.  As far as I know, I have the privilege of being the only person to earn both a D. Min. (Doctor of Ministry) and C.B.A. (Certified Balloon Artist).  I’m so grateful for the unique niche of fun and ministry God allows me to share with the world!

One of my favorite ways to connect my passion for Christ and appreciation for balloons (when I’m not sharing at churches) is to create books.  I’ve between working on the prequel to my book “The Inflated Story of Noah” for a long time, but it’s been at the same point of “nearly done” for far too long.  A big problem has been studio space!  I need somewhere to work and photograph with plenty of room.  I recently realized my grandmother’s old living room would be a perfect place for this.  Sadly, she passed away several years ago, and, for various reasons, the house isn’t going anywhere right now.  So, our family has had a big empty space that’s been feeling rundown, abandoned, and honestly a bit gross.  That is, until I got ahold of it, cleared out all the old furniture, cleaned and sanitized the space, and turned it into a studio!  It’s far from perfect, but it’s a huge blessing to have a new place to work on photographs and videos.  I think my grandma would be happy to see it put to good use.

Between that new space and an opportunity to share in Oregon last month, I’ve been able to forge ahead on two book photos that have been giving me sculptor’s block for a very long time.  I was able to get some amazing photos of balloon Adam having his rib removed by the ocean.  (Plus, it’s always entertaining to carry a giant balloon person around in public).  Then, in the past week, I was able to overcome my biggest hurdle:  Finding a way to represent creation with balloons.  I’m so excited by the results!  Please be on the lookout over the next few months for a Kickstarter to bring The Twisted Tale of Adam and Eve to life, because the next book is that close to being done.

God bless as you face the 2019-2020 school year!  You are a hero for letting God use you day in and day out.  When you’re tired, press on.  When it feels in vain, know God is moving.  If you feel alone, remember you have a body of believers cheering you on.  God is at work!

In Christ,