Wow! What a summer! June was an exciting month, capped with the Big Country Youth Camp in Leuder’s, Texas. This was an especially meaningful event because a former student of mine, from my years in youth ministry, planned the week.

One challenge in any ministry is gauging the real impact. That’s why I felt especially blessed to get this inspiring comment on one of my Youtube videos after I got home: “Hey I recently went to Leuders Texas for the Big Country Baptist Assembly. I know that you know my friend. She sat at lunch with us. I was the quiet one at the lunch table. I didn’t really get the gospel until this week. I just want to say think you for teaching me and my sister about the gospel and how God really can change our lives.” Wow! God is working.

In the middle of July, I had a bit of a break that happened to coincide with Cow Appreciation day at Chick-fil-a. I decided to go a little overboard to get my free entrée! With a little late-night twisting, I created myself a full-body cow costume! I also got some of my family members to make themselves cow costumes and I added in balloon ears and tails. We had a blast! After I was done with the costume, I was able to donate it to a local church to use with an event the next day.

As I write, I’m beginning an exciting week and a half tour. Between Thursday, August 26th and August 5th, I have the opportunity to share in Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, and Missouri! The finale in Missouri is a single day VBS that’s going to be bursting with balloons from the sermon to the recreation. I’ll let you know how that goes in my next update.

-Dr. Dan

Where is Inflatable Stories going to be next?

August 1 – Cumberland, MD // Cornerstone Baptist Church MD
August 5th – Platte City, MO // The Calling Community Church
August 22nd – El Reno, OK // First Baptist Church of El Reno
August 29th – Norman, OK // First Baptist Church Norman