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Here are some Inflatable Stories you might enjoy:

“That’s Impossible” Program  Dr. Dan shares a piece of his own testimony and how God worked in his life as a child while he struggled his weight.  Getting in shape seemed “impossible,” but the way God changed his heart through Jesus is what would have truly been impossible for him to do alone.  This program includes the climb inside balloon.

David & Goliath  See the story of David comes to life with balloons!  While kids get to play the part of David, and even Goliath, they will learn the truth that God gives us hope even in the face of our biggest challenges.  This program features some amazing wearables like a captivating David mask and a Goliath wearable that makes one child a giant!  It’s a hilarious and exciting adventure with a purpose.

Getting Outside Your bubble We are called to be part of the body of Christ, but we are not called to hide our gifts and faith in a bubble! This program includes the climb inside balloon and a variety of captivating illustrations to bring these truths to life for your families as we challenge them to get outside their bubbles.

Resurrection Sunday Program  This message about truth was specially designed for Easter, but it easily adapts to any time of the year.  While walking kids through some of Jesus final days, Dr. Dan brings a message that gently helps kids understand that, while the silly things we think about during the holidays are often fun, the truth of Jesus resurrection is what holds up.

Live Balloon Nativity  The nativity comes to life with balloons!  In Dr. Dan’s most preparation-intense program, students get to step into the story as Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wise men, sheep, stars, donkeys, and other parts of the story.  It is a blast, and, more importantly, it helps kids listen to the story of Jesus birth with fresh ears.  This is a natural fit at Christmas time, but there is no bad time of year to celebrate Jesus birth.

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