I love how each season brings unique opportunities.  The fall offered huge opportunities for kickoff and holiday events, capped by opportunities to share the story of Jesus birth in a one-of-a-kind way.  Spring brought more sports award programs, special events, and Resurrection Sunday.  And summer brings Vacation Bible Schools, camps, and other wonderfully creative events. It’s such a blessing to incorporate Inflatable Stories into a great outreach to make it even better!  

This summer got off to a great start. Between bookings I’ve been working on designs and making strides toward some long-term goals. One highlight is the T-Rex costume I’ve been developing. It’s a full-body wearable costume that would make an outstanding addition to an event. I’ve fallen in love with full-body wearable costumes over the past year and a half!  They are such a unique way to build energy and draw people into an event before the program even begins, and children are captivated by them, and, let’s be honest, adults are captivated too!  Who doesn’t love balloons?   

July 4th was a particularly exciting night. Muskogee, OK First Assembly sponsors a fireworks display for their city each year, and they make sure to include a gospel presentation amid the festivities. Outside, they had food, inflatables, and other fun activities for people from all over the community to attend. Inside, they had Inflatable Stories! I’m still amazed that we squeezed in FOUR programs in only two hours.  Hundreds of people filtered in to watch the program through the evening, ensuring the gospel was not forgot amid the festivities. I was touched as the pastor came over to express his appreciation and shared with me that it was the best program they had ever brought out to their July 4th event.  The local newspaper even made a nice mention of me saying, “The balloon show appeared to be a particular hit as patrons took a break from the outside heat to enjoy a combination of comedy, balloon tricks and worship guided by Bellamy.”  You can read about it here:

Transformation Church in Middletown New York brought another unique opportunity.  This year they had a Lego-themed VBS and they wanted some amazing balloons to help the stage stand out and the Bible Story to be unforgettable. With a few volunteers at hand to help with the immense challenge of inflation and tying, we blew up around 1500 balloons in a day to prepare two large backdrop pieces, two giant block-style figures, all the pieces to tell the story of Jesus walking on water, and 300 balloons to teach with.  What an event!  My main contact says the kids considered the balloons their favorite part of kids camp. 

Please keep inflatable stories in your prayers as summer continues.  It’s already been a memorable summer, but there is a ton yet to come!  If you’re looking for an unforgettable event to cap the summer or into the fall, I would love work with you to make that happen. 

On a personal note, I realize summer can be a stressful time of year in children’s and student ministries. With school out, there are a lot more events, camps, and the bedlam of VBS.  It can be a stressful and, at times, thankless job.  Thank you for embracing God’s call on your life.  I love being part of special moments in the life of a church, but you are in the trenches every day watering seeds to grow faithful disciples of Christ.  You are, quite frankly, a hero.  Thank you. Thank you for being faithful to Christ during both the good days and the difficult, stressful, days.  Whether or not you are seeing the fruits of your work today, I know God is making a profound impact through your life.

In Christ,