the elephant

the elephant


This may shock you, but Elephants are BIG.  That just makes them more fun to sculpt!  Naturally, if I wanted to make a giant animal I needed a giant balloon.  The inspiration for my Elephant came from giant balloons I climb inside during programs.  They can inflate up to six feet with a leaf blower.  Most of the elephant parts I made at home.  There was a complete baby elephant, a large elephant head, and the complete giant elephant.  The biggest logistical challenge was that a six-foot balloon won’t fit in my SUV.  That meant the final steps in my sculpture had to happen on location.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to sculpt alone.  Since the Elephant was large I found a secluded spot near my then-home in Atlanta, TX for photographs, and I invited three good friends to join me for the adventure.  The creek we found was peaceful and perfect for our Elephant watering hole.  I will never forget carrying the giant balloon elephant down the road and through the woods searching for the best possible shot.  When the day was over, I temporarily deflated the giant elephant center so I could deliver the elephant to one of my students who had oral surgery the day before.  When I asked if I could do anything for her, she made the mistake of jokingly telling me she wanted a giant balloon elephant.  Giant balloon elephant?  No problem.

Aug 3, 2017



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